Rustic Holiday Floral Arrangement Tutorial

Skill level: Intermediate

World-renowned instructor and master sugar artist Nicholas Lodge joins us today for this beautiful rustic holiday floral arrangement. Nicholas brings his wealth of knowledge, tips and tricks to the table, breaking down how to create realistic roses, eucalyptus, pine needles, branches, and antlers into a harmonious arrangement that can be used on any holiday project.

Nicholas has packed nearly 3 hours of step-by-step instruction into this tutorial, so let’s get our tools together and let’s get started.

2:44:12 Minutes of Instruction

What You Will Learn

  • How to create a beautiful rustic holiday floral arrangement
  • Nicholas’ tips and tricks to get consistent sugar flowers
  • How to color pine needles, roses and antlers in a realistic way
  • Learn how to prepare gumpaste and fondant
  • How to create realistic pine needles in two different ways
  • Learn how to create small, medium and large sugar roses

Tutorial Chapters

  1. Modifying fondant 2:25
  2. Preparing the wires 9:31
  3. Molding the pine cones 15:16
  4. Coloring the pine cones 33:20
  5. Pine needles: Technique #1 39:58
  6. Pine needles: Technique #2 46:38
  7. Coloring the pine needles 54:05
  8. Assembling the branches 55:46
  9. Making the spruce leaves 1:02:15
  10. Making the large antlers 1:12:57
  11. Making the small antlers 1:35:44
  12. Coloring the antlers 1:40:46
  13. Making eucalyptus leaves 1:43:36
  14. Taping eucalyptus leaves 1:49:59
  15. Coloring the eucalyptus 1:54:45
  16. Making a rose cone center 1:57:50
  17. Preparing the gum paste 2:01:59
  18. The rose bud 2:04:10
  19. The mid-size rose 2:12:47
  20. The full-size rose 2:18:28
  21. Making rose calyx 2:28:10
  22. Coloring the rose 2:31:06
  23. Assembling the arrangement 2:33:42