Royal Gender Reveal Cake Preview

Skill level: Intermediate

Crown toppers are incredibly difficult to pull off, but with Liz Marek’s simple trick, you’ll be knocking out an entire collection of royal crowns in no time. Guests will think you are minted, showing off these metallic creations, but there might be a gasp or two when they realize these jewels can be eaten!

And to go with the royal crowns, we also have two techniques to create a unique quilted design, along with an easy way to get letters on a scroll plate to say whatever your little prince or princess requests.

1:06:59 Minutes of Instruction

What You Will Learn

  • How to create 4 different royal crown designs out of isomalt
  • Liz Marek’s unique technique to create two different quilted designs

Tutorial Chapters

  1. Going over the materials 0:48
  2. Making crown #1 7:02
  3. Creating crown #2 20:18
  4. Making crown #3 30:18
  5. Creating crown #4 39:13
  6. Making the letters 42:38
  7. Making the scroll name plate 46:17
  8. Quilting the bottom tier 48:13
  9. Quilting top tier 55:58
  10. Painting with gold 59:23