Root Beer Float Cake

Skill level: Intermediate

Guest instructor Mitchie Curran from Mitchie’s Munchies joins us today with this amazing Root Beer Float cake. Featuring edible Root Beer bottles, an edible 2×2 bottle holder, edible glass mason jar and edible ‘ice cream’ that isn’t actually ice cream, you may be wondering what ISN’T edible on this project.

Mitchie breaks down how to use an edible image printer, how to create and flavor gelatin bottles and bottle caps, as well as offering several tips and tricks to get this looking just right, and even how to deliver and store the gelatin before setup.

There’s a lot to cover in this tutorial, so let’s get our tools together, and let’s get started!

1:19:56 Minutes of Instruction

What You Will Learn

  • How to create an edible Root Beer Float Cake featuring edible bottles, edible mason jar, and edible bottle carton
  • Learn how to use an edible printer to create logos and designs
  • How to create ‘ice cream’ that looks just like the real thing but won’t melt
  • How to make a gravity-defying carton holder handle

Tutorial Chapters

  1. Preparing the gelatin 0:56
  2. Preparing the molds 11:21
  3. Making the jelly jar 13:44
  4. Making the jelly bottles 22:16
  5. Un-molding the bottles 28:09
  6. The carton cake structure 29:34
  7. Preparing modeling chocolate 36:00
  8. Making panels 37:35
  9. Printing edible images 42:55
  10. Decorating the board 43:49
  11. Transferring the cake 46:25
  12. Paneling the cake 47:45
  13. Making perforations 52:06
  14. Attaching the handle 54:12
  15. Decorating the carton 55:12
  16. Adding the bottles 57:16
  17. Making the bottle caps 1:02:57
  18. Making ‘ice cream’ 1:08:44
  19. Making candy toppers 1:12:05
  20. Finishing the jar 1:14:13