Realistic Unicorn Cake Tutorial

Skill level: Intermediate

Unicorn cakes are super trendy right now, and what better way to embrace this trend than to innovate on it. Liz Marek returns for her take on the unicorn trend, with a realistic, 80s-tastic neon unicorn bust cake.

This cake features real horse anatomy, a glowing isomalt (or Jolly Rancher) unicorn horn, beautiful sparkly eyes and a neon-rainbow unicorn mane.

Wow your clients and up your cake game with this stunning cake design, sure to be a show-stopper at your next event.

1:19:09 Minutes of Instruction

What You Will Learn

  • How to sculpt a realistic unicorn bust out of cake
  • Learn how to create a gravity-defying cake structure
  • How to get bright, neon colors that work together
  • Learn how to airbrush a pearlescent color onto the unicorn
  • How to save time by using simple techniques to achieve beautiful results

Tutorial Chapters

  1. Scaling images for cake decorating 0:10
  2. Making the structure 6:19
  3. Cutting foam board 8:47
  4. Stacking the cakes 11:13
  5. Adding bottom of mouth 18:42
  6. Carving down the cake 24:28
  7. Refining the face 32:28
  8. Adding cake clay 33:26
  9. Adding the crumb coat 40:17
  10. Making the ears 44:18
  11. Adding ganache 46:57
  12. Smoothing out ganache 49:07
  13. Covering the cake in fondant 50:15
  14. Making the nostrils & mouth 56:42
  15. Placing the ears 58:45
  16. Making the unicorn horn 59:34
  17. Making the eyes 1:05:29
  18. Placing the eyes, eyelids, & eyelashes 1:07:25
  19. Airbrushing 1:10:19
  20. Placing the horn 1:14:25
  21. Decorating the cake board 1:14:48
  22. Adding the mane 1:17:18