Realistic Dog Cake Toppers

Skill level: Intermediate

Learn to make super realistic dog toppers in this new tutorial from Sugar Geek Show. Liz Marek breaks down every step of creating a Golden Doodle, French Mastiff and Boerboel puppy toppers, along with tips and tricks on the different types of materials you would use to make them, and the pros/cons of each type.

1:45:25 Minutes of Instruction

What You Will Learn

  • How to make 3 different dog breed toppers (Golden Doodle, French Mastiff, Boerboel puppy)
  • Liz Marek’s furring technique that she has used on many furry creatures
  • Learn to sculpt and detail dog faces and several helpful tips and tricks to make your dog pop

Tutorial Chapters

  1. Golden Doodle Dog Topper
  2. Tips about tools and materials 1:04
  3. Planning armature 3:29
  4. Bulking up dog topper 14:29
  5. Covering rice cereal 22:04
  6. Detailing face and applying fur 31:35
  7. Painting dog topper 46:13
  8. French Mastiff Dog Topper
  9. Planning armature 50:42
  10. Bulking up dog topper 53:43
  11. Covering foil bulk 59:16
  12. Detailing face and other features 1:03:09
  13. Painting the dog 1:21:30
  14. Boerboel Puppy Dog Topper
  15. Planning armature 1:26:59
  16. Bulking up topper 1:30:59
  17. Roughing the face shape 1:32:30
  18. Refining the rough forms 1:37:48
  19. Detailing the face and other features 1:39:32
  20. Painting the dog 1:42:41