Purple Bling Cake Tutorial

Skill level: Intermediate

This is a re-make of one of my very early cakes in my career. Since then, it has been pinned, shared and re-posted thousands of times.

I have always had a thing for shiny edible bling on cakes and get many requests on how to re-create these edible jewels. So here it is! How to make the purple bling cake complete with edible jewels and silver piping and gorgeous, life-like gumpaste orchids!

1:07:37 Minutes of Instruction

What You Will Learn

  • How to make dark purple fondant and royal icing
  • Learn how to create realistic sugar orchid flowers
  • How to create edible brooches and gems and place them on the cake
  • Liz Marek’s technique to get piping details to flow through a cake design
  • How to place sugar flowers into a dummy cake tier

Purple wedding cake covered in edible bling and gemstones

Tutorial Chapters

  1. Making orchid petals 0:16
  2. Making orchid center 6:20
  3. Making the buds 12:40
  4. Coloring the orchid 13:56
  5. Assembling the orchid 24:58
  6. Making purple fondant 30:04
  7. Covering cake in fondant 32:10
  8. Making brooches & gems 34:00
  9. Purple royal icing 39:32
  10. Making jewel-encrusted tiers 42:08
  11. Stacking the tiers 50:52
  12. Piping scrollwork 52:36
  13. Painting the scrollwork 57:36
  14. Attaching orchids to the cake 1:01:50