Pug Cake Tutorial

Skill level: Advanced

Guest instructor Natalie Sideserf from Sideserf Cakes joins us today for this awesome, super realistic Pug cake.

Learn how to pose, sketch and plan out this lovable pug dog cake design. Natalie offers several tips and tricks that she uses when creating dog cakes like this one.

Natalie breaks down how to sculpt the face, the ears and facial features, how to sculpt the legs and tail and how to texture and paint lifelike colors onto the pug to make it look just like the real thing.

There’s a lot to cover in today’s tutorial, so let’s get our tools together and let’s get started!

2:25:28 Minutes of Instruction

What You Will Learn

  • How to sculpt a realistic Pug dog cake
  • Learn how to plan out and design the cake structure
  • Natalie’s tips and tricks to get realistic texture and details
  • How to sculpt the facial features, paws, toes, tail and more

Tutorial Chapters

  1. Sketching the body 0:38
  2. Planning out the structure 4:27
  3. Cutting threaded rod and boards 6:18
  4. Building the structure 10:47
  5. Adding structure to the board 15:34
  6. Covering in foil tape 20:18
  7. Building up the belly 23:44
  8. Stacking the cakes 31:06
  9. Carving the cakes 33:36
  10. Covering in buttercream 38:05
  11. Sketching the face 40:45
  12. Covering in modeling chocolate 42:34
  13. Blending the seams 46:03
  14. Sculpting the face 50:06
  15. Adding the eyes 1:10:07
  16. Making the jawline 1:18:15
  17. Making face wrinkles 1:23:50
  18. Making the ears 1:26:57
  19. Making head wrinkles 1:30:32
  20. Making the right arm 1:32:17
  21. Making the toes 1:37:02
  22. Making the left arm 1:39:29
  23. Making the back legs 1:42:48
  24. Making the tail 1:52:22
  25. Adding hair and texture 1:53:39
  26. Painting the eyes 1:57:54
  27. Painting the face 2:03:47
  28. Painting the body 2:16:22
  29. Making the carpet board 2:17:54