Nurse Cake

Skill level: Intermediate

I need a nurse cake STAT! Guest instructor Shannon Mayes is back with another lovely cake for the medical professional in your life. Featuring edible candy pills, edible bottles, a realistic syringe, stethoscope, edible band-aids and a cool medical ID badge, there’s something in here for every practitioner.

This design was originally created by Sarah Myers of High Five Cakes and we just love it!

nurse cake

1:33:14 Minutes of Instruction

What You Will Learn

  • How to make a gravity-defying bottle with pills
  • Learn how to create a realistic edible stethoscope
  • Shannon’s cool technique to create a medical ID badge
  • Learn how to make edible band-aids that stay flexible and soft
  • How to tie everything together to create the perfect nurse cake

Nurse Cake Tutorial Chapters

  1. Making the thermometer mold 0:56
  2. Pouring the syringe and pill bottle molds 4:58
  3. Edible candy pills 20:42
  4. Creating edible band-aids 23:38
  5. Making the ID badge 24:48
  6. Layering the nurse scrubs 26:52
  7. Creating the edible stethoscope 35:08
  8. Demolding 43:02
  9. Creating thermometer and syringe 51:54
  10. Coloring the pill bottle 55:22
  11. Creating the pill bottle 58:12
  12. Making the bottle lid 1:07:36
  13. Painting syringe and thermometer 1:08:22
  14. Finishing the ID card 1:15:32
  15. PhotoFrost labels 1:19:02
  16. Gravity-defying structure 1:21:44
  17. Tying everything together for the nurse cake 1:28:32

Nurse Cake Tutorial

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