Musical Wedding Cake Tutorial

Skill level: Intermediate

Music is like a dream, and this wedding cake is no exception! Learn how to craft a drum tier, a beautiful staircase piano key double barrel, a musical heart detail, and a keepsake cake topper, made out of clay that will never go bad.

There’s plenty of details, tips and tricks to cover, so let’s get started!

1:01:17 Minutes of Instruction

What You Will Learn

  • How to create a wedding cake out with a musical theme
  • Learn to make a keep-sake cake topper that will last
  • How to get a awesome silver finish on the drum tier
  • Learn the tricks to make a staircase tier
  • How to create a wedding cake out with a musical theme

Tutorial Chapters

  1. Stacking the cake 0:11
  2. Making the staircase 2:50
  3. Final crumbcoat 6:32
  4. Making a keepsake cake topper 8:49
  5. Making the donut 11:37
  6. Making the penguin 16:10
  7. Making the lobster 21:07
  8. Covering the cake 28:01
  9. Prepping modeling chocolate 29:17
  10. Airbrushing the cake: part 1 32:01
  11. Making the drum details 33:24
  12. Airbrushing the cake: part 2 40:17
  13. Covering the stair tier 43:13
  14. Making the piano keys 46:34
  15. Finishing the bottom 52:44
  16. Making the top tier piano keys 53:53
  17. Adding the heart detail 55:29
  18. Stacking the cake 58:37
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