Moana Birthday Cake Tutorial

Skill level: Intermediate

Guest instructor Sara Weber is back with another tutorial full of so many techniques and textures, you can almost hear Maui say, “You’re welcome!”

In this tutorial, you will learn how to sculpt and create a silicone mold of the heart of Te Fiti, how to create this edible piece in isomalt or decogel, how to create an edible grass skirt with textured fabric details, how to paint an edible watercolor illustration of Moana, how to create a beautiful spray of tropical sugar flowers, how to create an underwater ombre cake tier, a sand-covered cake board, edible moss, and more! Whew!

Don’t miss out on this tropical treat, sure to be a show-stopper at any special event.

3:17:03 Minutes of Instruction

What You Will Learn

  • How to create a stacked birthday cake featuring different textures and designs on every tier
  • Learn how to sculpt, mold and create the heart of Te Fiti in isomalt or decogel
  • How to create tropical gumpaste sugar flowers
  • Learn how to paint an edible watercolor illustration of Moana
  • How to create edible fabric and a grass skirt from wafer paper
  • Learn how to create an ombre underwater-themed cake tier
  • How to finish the cake with a sandy cake board

Tutorial Chapters

  1. Making the stone mold 0:41
  2. Pouring the isomalt stone 13:09</span
  3. Removing from the mold 17:54
  4. Making leaves 26:02
  5. Making the stamen 36:59
  6. Making the flowers 38:45
  7. Painting Moana 54:30
  8. Cutting out the painting 1:14:10
  9. Dusting and dipping flowers 1:26:20
  10. Making the skirt paper 1:39:54
  11. Painting with water colors 1:42:35
  12. Adding the grass skirt 1:44:30
  13. The burlap cloth 1:53:19
  14. Making the sash 2:07:27
  15. Shading the top tier 2:14:18
  16. Painting the bottom tier 2:20:21
  17. Making moss 2:33:16
  18. Covering the moss tier 2:37:16
  19. Decorating the flower tier 2:45:02
  20. Stingray detail 3:00:08
  21. Finishing the stone 3:04:56
  22. Top tier flowers 3:09:50
  23. Adding the sand 3:12:58