Male Face Sculpting Tutorial

Skill level: Intermediate

Learning to sculpt a face can seem so daunting but with Liz’s formula for sculpting realistic faces, you’ll be on your way in no time. Learn how to sculpt a male face using Liz’s chocolate skull mold, realistic sugar eyes and artist calipers. Learn how to keep proportions check your work and even tips for getting sculpting a portrait.

40:58 Minutes of Instruction

What You Will Learn

  • How to sculpt a realistic male face out of modeling chocolate and isomalt
  • Learn how to scale photo reference to match the size of your sculpture
  • How several common mistakes and errors artists make when sculpting the face and how to fix them
  • Learn how to add the eyes, cheeks, nose, lips and ears in a way that is repeatable and consistent
  • How to check your work for errors and fix them

Tutorial Chapters

  1. Sizing reference photos 1:03
  2. Blocking in the face 1:45
  3. Coloring modeling chocolate 6:19
  4. Building up the head 7:48
  5. Easy sculpting stand 8:42
  6. How to measure from reference 9:17
  7. Making the eyelids 11:03
  8. Adding on the cheeks 15:28
  9. Adding the brow 16:45
  10. Checking the profile 17:31
  11. Adding the lips 20:24
  12. Adding the nose 26:57
  13. Filling out eyelids & cheeks 33:41
  14. Building up the jaw & forehead 36:42
  15. Adding the ears 37:35
  16. Hairline & Smoothing the face 39:04

Sculpted Male Face Tutorial

People have been begging me to create a male face mold tutorial, so what better male face to use as a basis for our study than Elvis?! Elvis has a very ‘traditional’ male face with some features that carry over to a lot of other male faces, which can easily be adapted or tweaked to your liking.

Learn how to create the eyes, nose, lips, ears, cheeks, chin and hairline in this sculpting tutorial.

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