King Protea and Eucalyptus Cake Tutorial

Skill level: Intermediate

Guest instructor Anna Astashkina of Astashkina Cakes, based in Chicago, Illinois joins us for this amazing King Protea and Eucalyptus cake project. Anna is an award-winning cake designer and sugar artist known for her elegant modern painted cakes featuring nature – inspired floral arrangements and unique textures.

2:16:37 Minutes of Instruction

What You Will Learn

  • How to make a King Protea sugar flower
  • Learn how to create realistic recalyptus foliage
  • How to create a stunningly elegant wedding cake texture
  • Anna’s tips and tricks to arrange and produce this beautiful cake project

King Protea sugar flower and eucalyptus sugar foliage on white wafer paper wedding cake

Tutorial Chapters

  1. Coloring the gum paste 0:55
  2. Making the eucalyptus 7:50
  3. Dusting the eucalyptus 26:21
  4. Assembling the eucalyptus 31:12
  5. Making protea leaves 41:11
  6. Dusting protea leaves 49:56
  7. Finishing the leaves 53:26
  8. Making the protea center 54:55
  9. Making the protea petals 1:09:13
  10. Attaching layers of petals 1:15:42
  11. Dusting the protea flower 1:39:40
  12. Finishing the leaves 1:48:48
  13. Adding wafer paper 1:52:51
  14. Adding sugar texture 2:05:42
  15. Arranging the protea and leaves 2:07:43