King Protea and Eucalyptus Cake Tutorial

Skill level: Intermediate

Guest instructor Anna Astashkina of Astashkina Cakes, based in Chicago, Illinois joins us for this amazing King Protea and Eucalyptus cake project. Anna is an award-winning cake designer and sugar artist known for her elegant modern painted cakes featuring nature – inspired floral arrangements and unique textures.

2:16:37 Minutes of Instruction

What You Will Learn

  • How to make a King Protea sugar flower
  • Learn how to create realistic recalyptus foliage
  • How to create a stunningly elegant wedding cake texture
  • Anna’s tips and tricks to arrange and produce this beautiful cake project

Tutorial Chapters

  1. Coloring the gum paste 0:55
  2. Making the eucalyptus 7:50
  3. Dusting the eucalyptus 26:21
  4. Assembling the eucalyptus 31:12
  5. Making protea leaves 41:11
  6. Dusting protea leaves 49:56
  7. Finishing the leaves 53:26
  8. Making the protea center 54:55
  9. Making the protea petals 1:09:13
  10. Attaching layers of petals 1:15:42
  11. Dusting the protea flower 1:39:40
  12. Finishing the leaves 1:48:48
  13. Adding wafer paper 1:52:51
  14. Adding sugar texture 2:05:42
  15. Arranging the protea and leaves 2:07:43