Offroad Jeep Topper with Moving Topper

Skill Level: Intermediate
In this tutorial, you will start by first downloading the Jeep template from the website Liz provided you. Then, edit the template to the desired size to ensure proper proportions for the Jeep. Next, watch Liz as she shows you how to create the wheels using a custom made wheel mold and filling them with chocolate. Moving on, you will begin carving the Jeep using rice crispy treats and the template as your guide. You will then cover the carved Jeep in modeling chocolate to bulk up and add depth. In addition to the modeling chocolate, you will cover the entire Jeep with a piece of fondant and begin cutting out the windows and adding the indentations and details to add another level of realism to the Jeep. After that, add the bumpers and the remaining car parts needed to complete the Jeep. In conclusion, learn how to make the spinning wheel and add the wheels to the Jeep before attaching the Jeep to the cake using proper supports.

Run Time


Techniques Used

  1. Rice Crispy Treats
  2. Modeling Chocolate
  3. Mold Making
  4. Motorized Wheel

Tutorial Chapters

  • 0:20 Preparing the Template
  • 7:44 Making the Wheel Molds
  • 14:43 Carving the Jeep
  • 20:55 Covering the Jeep in Modeling Chocolate and Fondant
  • 26:17 Adding Details
  • 40:33 Making the Spinning Wheel
  • 46:48 Attaching the Jeep to the Cake