Halloween Cakesicles Tutorial

Skill level: Intermediate

Guest instructor Johany Torres Maya of Jo’s Cake Shop joins us today for Spooky-fun Halloween dessert. In this tutorial, you will learn how to create 6 different Halloween-themed cakesicle treats. These desserts are a fun and trendy take on classic cake pops. Jo’s shows how to avoid cracking, how to de-mold cakesicles, which molds are her preferred picks, how to get a professional shine and how to color and decorate cakesicles in a variety of ways.

1:20:15 Minutes of Instruction

What You Will Learn

  • How to create 6 different Halloween-themed cakesicles
  • Learn Jo’s preferred chocolate, cake and molds for making super shiny cakesicles
  • How to fix cracks and problems that can happen when de-molding

Tutorial Chapters

  1. Preparing the fillings 0:32
  2. Preparing the chocolate 4:14
  3. Filling molds with chocolate 5:40
  4. Filling the molds with cake 13:18
  5. De-molding the cakesicles 20:14
  6. The Skull cakesicle 22:51
  7. The Zombie Hazard cakesicle 32:02
  8. The Boarded Window cakesicle 38:46
  9. Making zombie hands 42:36
  10. The Tombstone cakesicle 47:25
  11. Making the bats 50:31
  12. Coloring the chocolate black 53:44
  13. The Zombie Hands cakesicle 58:44
  14. Dusting the skulls 1:04:44
  15. The Cartoon Zombie cakesicle 1:05:46
  16. Making the brain 1:14:04
  17. Coloring the zombie 1:16:24
  18. Making the ears 1:18:27