Gravity-Defying Floating Bowls Cake Tutorial

Skill level: Intermediate

Have you ever wondered how to make a cake that looks like it’s floating in air? This tutorial teaches you how to build the structure, incorporate supports and fun effects that complete this gravity-defying floating bowls cake.

This cake is perfect for the little artist’s birthday, and artsy party-goers will be wowed by this incredible creation!

43:04 Minutes of Instruction

What You Will Learn

  • How to make a gravity-defying cake structure
  • Learn how to make bowl-shaped cakes
  • How to create a dripping colorful design of bowls that pour into each other
  • Learn the tips and tricks to covering tricky designs and shapes in fondant

Tutorial Chapters

  1. Pouring chocolate spheres 0:55
  2. Putting together the structure 4:15
  3. Carving the cake 6:36
  4. Attaching the bottom bowl 7:55
  5. Trimming the chocolate 16:04
  6. Assembling the middle bowl 16:26
  7. Trimming the middle bowl 18:01
  8. Frosting the cake 19:15
  9. Making the bowl topper 21:35
  10. Creating the handle 22:19
  11. Covering the bowls in fondant 23:54
  12. Creating the borders 28:10
  13. Covering the topper 30:40
  14. Covering the bottom bowl 31:08
  15. Painting the bowls 34:15
  16. Creating fondant drips 36:50
  17. Creating water ganache 38:09
  18. Attaching the topper 40:15