Gold Mine Birthday Cake

Skill level: Intermediate

In our latest tutorial, you’ll be learning how to create a golden birthday cake. Golden birthdays are when the child’s age, the month, and the day all line up (April 4th for a 4 year-old child in this case). I decided to go all in on the gold theme, creating a gold mine, with a fun number 4 emerging from the top of the Wiley Coyote style mountain and a track of rails the gold cart sits upon.

You’ll learn how to create a fun, cartoony style cake mountain, how to add a gold mine into a mountain so that it looks like it’s holding up and supporting the mine shaft and how to make an adorable mine cart.

1:06:20 Minutes of Instruction

What You Will Learn

  • How to sculpt an irregular mountain shape out of cake
  • Learn how to make the wooden planks and cart rails out of edible materials
  • How to create an edible metallic number cake topper
  • A cool technique on how to make edible trees

Tutorial Chapters

  1. Building the structure 1:27
  2. Coloring fondant 5:14
  3. Covering the board 7:00
  4. Stacking the cake mountain 9:54
  5. Carving the cake 16:00
  6. Crumb coating the cake 18:50
  7. Making the mining cart 19:12
  8. Golden number topper 29:58
  9. Building up the mine 32:30
  10. Covering in fondant 37:00
  11. Texturing details 40:30
  12. Working the top tier 42:34
  13. Making the boulders 47:00
  14. Making the wooden beams 49:24
  15. Making the rocks 51:47
  16. Making and placing the tracks 53:28
  17. Placing the number topper 56:53
  18. Airbrushing details 58:04
  19. Attaching cart 59:16
  20. Adding tires 1:02:24
  21. Adding trees 1:04:00
  22. Final details 1:05:32