Gingham Spring Cake

Skill level: Intermediate

Spring has already sprung but it is never too late to create this one of a kind watercolor creation completed with a floral arrangement and a top tier that has a surprise gingham center.

First begin by baking, trimming, and cutting the gingham cakes before assembling the cut pieces to form the layers as shown by Liz in this tutorial. Next, stack and frost each layer with a thin layer of ganache. Then, cover the cake in a final coat of ganache and chill overnight. After that you will learn how to create and assemble perfectly pink poppies, delicate jasmine flowers, realistic amaranth flowers, and gorgeous hydrangeas using cutters, veiners, and other simple techniques designed to make this amazing floral arrangement come to life. Moving on, learn how to cover the cake board with marbled fondant and then use isomalt to create the crackle effect inspired by Choux Cake Studio’s Crackle Tutorial.

You will then be shown how to finish the cakes by covering them in fondant and paint each tier using edible watercolors before stacking them onto the cake board. Lastly, Liz will show you how to arrange the sugar flowers onto the cake before dusting them with water or steam to lock in their colors. You will then be able to take the tools and techniques learned in this tutorial and apply them to any and all future cake orders!

1:01:55 Minutes of Instruction

What You Will Learn

  • How to hand-paint a beautiful watercolor design on the cake
  • Make a stunning gingham plaid design on the inside
  • How to make some amazing sugar flowers to match

Tutorial Chapters

  1. Assembling the Gingham Cake Layers 0:47
  2. Making the Pink Poppies 7:34
  3. Assembling the Poppy Flowers 13:30
  4. Making the Jasmine Leaves 17:56
  5. Assembling the Jasmine Leaves 20:00
  6. Creating the Amaranth 22:10
  7. Assembling the Amaranth 28:55
  8. Making the Hydrangeas 30:13
  9. Assembling the Hydrangeas 32:24
  10. Dusting the Leaves 33:36
  11. Glazing the Leaves 38:41
  12. Assembling the Leaves 45:47
  13. Making the Leaves 46:45
  14. Dusting the Leaves 48:38
  15. Glazing the Leaves 56:28