Gingerbread Man Cake Tutorial

Skill level: Intermediate

Guest instructor Jessa Coline of Abstract Edible Arts joins us for this standing Gingerbread Man Cake.

Jessa shows us how to create the structure for this cake, tips on how to get an even airbrush coat and how to do the fun sprinkle board!

42:55 Minutes of Instruction

What You Will Learn

  • How to create a 3D standing gingerbread man
  • Learn how to use cake clay for hard-to-sculpt areas
  • Jessa’s airbrushing techniques for getting an even coat of color
  • How to create a fun sprinkle board design

Tutorial Chapters

  1. Making the cake structure 0:41
  2. Making the structure food-safe 8:02
  3. Adding the rice cereal treats 10:13
  4. Adding the cake 13:02
  5. Adding cake clay 16:47
  6. Crumb coating the cake 19:09
  7. Covering with fondant 22:30
  8. Airbrushing the cake 29:06
  9. Adding details 32:46
  10. Sprinkle board technique 39:31