How to Pour Geode Crystal Molds

Skill level: Newb

Learn how to pour isomalt into silicone molds. Please be very careful with melted isomalt, as it will be extremely hot. Wear protective eyewear and gloves.

4:05 Minutes of Instruction

What You Will Learn

  • How to melt and pour isomalt into silicone molds
  • How to color isomalt

Tutorial Directions

  1. Melt isomalt crystals in a silicone container. Microwave on high for 15 second intervals until completely melted.
  2. Wait for isomalt bubbles to disperse. This reduces the bubbles in the finished piece.
  3. Secure your silicone mold by wrapping a rubber band around the 2 parts of the mold two times. Be sure to check that the mold lines up correctly and there are no gaps.
  4. Slowly pour isomalt into mold, starting in the middle of the mold. Pour a thin ribbon of isomalt into the mold to avoid any air bubbles forming.
  5. Gently tap mold on hard surface to cause any bubbles in the isomalt to rise to the top and escape.
  6. Let isomalt fully cool until set.
  7. Gently test middle of isomalt to see if set, only test after waiting several hours.
  8. Gently remove rubber band.
  9. Slide mold off, 1 part at a time. Carefully slide “up and down” not “side to side”
    or isomalt will break.
  10. Isomalt will be cloudy; don’t worry this is normal.
  11. Heat a paring knife with cremé brule torch. Be careful not to burn your hands.
  12. Knife may become discolored. Usually this is just leftover isomalt and can be cleaned off.
  13. Slide knife on edge of isomalt crystals. This will bring back the shine of the isomalt.
  14. Clean knife after every use. Wipe knife on damp paper towel to remove isomalt, then reheat.
  15. Keep going until every crystal edge is shiny.
  16. Optional Method: Adding Color
  17. Add powdered food color to melted isomalt. Be sure to use a silicone mixing tool.
  18. Highlighters mixed with everclear work well for edges. Experiment with colors for different effects.
  19. Seal finished pieces with PME clear glaze spray.
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