Gelatin Cake with Mermaid Topper

Skill level: Intermediate

Look at this cake, isn’t it neat? Today, we’re learning how to create a mermaid-themed gelatin cake, with a cake in the center and beautiful edible coral elements.

You will also learn how to sculpt a mermaid figure using Saracino pasta model, an amazing medium which is similar to modeling chocolate, but doesn’t melt in your hands quite like modeling chocolate does.

We cover all the tips and tricks needed to create realistic coral edible elements without having them melt in the gelatin, and how to properly seal the cake island so that the gelatin doesn’t soak into it.

We’ve got a lot to cover today, so let’s get our tools together and let’s get started!

1:28:11 Minutes of Instruction

What You Will Learn

  • How to create an under the sea coral reef gelatin cake
  • Learn how to make a whimsical mermaid cake topper
  • How to create realistic edible foam

Tutorial Chapters

  1. The mermaid body 0:38
  2. The mermaid head 10:24
  3. The mermaid eyes 19:42
  4. Island decorations 24:14
  5. Coloring the shells 27:30
  6. Making the cake 38:08
  7. Decorating the island 43:04
  8. Painting makeup 45:36
  9. Adding the head 48:29
  10. Making the tail 49:17
  11. Making the arms 58:14
  12. Making the hair and details 1:01:44
  13. Making the ring 1:08:57
  14. Making the gelatin 1:14:32
  15. Pouring the gelatin 1:17:31
  16. Making the foam 1:21:56
  17. Taking off the mold 1:25:17