Floating Cloud Unicorn Cake Tutorial

Skill level: Intermediate

Learn how to make this super-cute gravity-defying floating cloud unicorn cake! In this online course, you will learn how to create a structure that supports the floating cloud, how to create an edible shiny rainbow, learn how to sculpt the cutest little unicorn cake topper you ever did see, and how to create the edible clouds floating around the sky blue base cake.

1:23:39 Minutes of Instruction

What You Will Learn

  • Learn how to make a gravity-defying cloud and rainbow
  • How to create a cute unicorn cake topper and how to sculpt all the facial details
  • What to cover a cake in fondant and what to do when your fondant tears
  • How to create cute edible clouds

Tutorial Chapters

  1. Frosting the cake 0:35
  2. Making the structure 2:06
  3. Covering the cake in fondant 7:33
  4. Adding the bottom tier 18:36
  5. Coloring the isomalt 20:38
  6. Pouring and shaping the isomalt 25:05
  7. Making the rainbow base 31:45
  8. Adding the second tier 38:37
  9. Making the cloud 42:39
  10. Making the body 47:21
  11. Making the legs 49:08
  12. Making the head 54:28
  13. Adding facial details 57:31
  14. Adding ears and eyes 1:00:35
  15. Painting the unicorn 1:02:30
  16. Adding the horn 1:05:05
  17. Making the eyelashes 1:06:32
  18. Final unicorn details 1:07:28
  19. Making the rainbow 1:08:21
  20. Adding cloud decorations 1:14:09
  21. Adding the rainbow and unicorn 1:18:05
  22. Making the unicorn hair 1:20:30