Flamingo Cake Tutorial

Skill level: Intermediate

Guest instructor and resident Food Producer Erin Fale has an awesome Flamingo pool floaty cake, complete with an awesome pineapple drink and edible umbrella!

If you’ve wanted to try out sculpting a cake into a magnificent work of art but were feeling nervous about how to start learning sculpting, this tutorial is perfect for you. Erin tackles this tricky cake in a beginner-friendly fashion while offering tips and tricks that make the process a breeze.

1:09:31 Minutes of Instruction

What You Will Learn

  • How to make a gravity-defying flamingo pool floaty out of edible materials
  • Learn how to decorate and construct a cake board in a custom backyard pool shape
  • How to make the pineapple drink
  • Learn how to work with wafer paper to make edible umbrellas
  • All of Erin’s tips and tricks to get the plastic look of the floaty and pineapple texture just right

Cake sculpted to look like a flamingo pool floaty with a pineapple drink

Tutorial Chapters

  1. Introduction 0:56
  2. Making The Wafer Paper Umbrella 2:46
  3. Shaping The Flamingo Head 11:40
  4. Stacking The Flamingo Cakes 17:36
  5. Carving The Cakes 20:09
  6. Crumb Coating The Cakes 23:08
  7. Covering The Cakes In Fondant 27:14
  8. Covering The Pool Floaty In Fondant 31:05
  9. Texturing The Pool Floaty 33:31
  10. Making The Pina Colada 35:07
  11. Shaving And Trimming The Head 38:51
  12. Covering The Board In Fondant 41:40
  13. Covering The Head In Fondant 47:06
  14. Making The Wings 51:41
  15. Painting The Pineapple 54:02
  16. Putting The Flamingo Together 56:31
  17. Detailing The Flamingo 58:14
  18. Adding The Pina Colada 1:00:10
  19. Making The Garnishes 1:02:14
  20. Adding The Garnishes 1:06:55