Face Sculpting with a Chocolate Skull

Skill level: Intermediate

In this tutorial, you will learn basic facial anatomy that is sure to bring life to your sculpture, creating lasting impressions on all who see!

With step by step instructions from Liz, you will learn how to sculpt a face starting with the making of a delicious chocolate skull using Liz’s silicone skull mold. This skull is a quicker platform for making realistic sculpted faces. Using modeling chocolate you will be taught how to create the eyes, build up the mouth and define the lips. You will also learn how to build up the nose and create the nostrils with the greatest of ease. Next, you will be shown how forming the cheeks will give definition and depth to the face. Then, follow Liz as she teaches you how paint realistic life like eyes before creating the lower and upper eyelids around the eyeballs. And then, you will be shown you how to cover the forehead and define the brow lines before moving on to a brief explanation on how to create the tear ducts and cover the chin and neck with modeling chocolate. Lastly, discover Liz’s simple steps on the proper placement of the ears as well as the minimal details on sculpting the ears. With all the amazing steps in this tutorial, you will be ready to sculpt realistic faces quicker and better than ever before!

47:04 Minutes of Instruction

What You Will Learn

  • How to create a realistic face using a chocolate skull as a base
  • Tips on how to place the facial anatomy
  • How to create realistic eyes
  • Liz Marek’s tips on how to achieve a face sculpt full of life

Tutorial Chapters

  1. Making the skull mold 0:32
  2. Adding the eyes 2:37
  3. Building up the mouth 3:26
  4. Adding the nose 7:49
  5. Adding the cheeks 12:50
  6. Painting the eyes 23:01
  7. Building the eyelids 23:14
  8. Covering the foreheads 30:20
  9. Building up the eyebrows 31:26
  10. Creating the tearducts 36:41
  11. Covering the chin and neck 38:17
  12. Making the ears 39:28