Dragon Castle Cake Tutorial

Skill level: Intermediate

Birthday cakes are one of my favorite things to make and this castle cake with a dragon cake topper is the perfect sort of cake to make for the little king or queen’s birthday.

Learn how to make a dragon cake topper with posable wings, isomalt dragon fire, all the little details on the castle, how to hand-letter fancy monograms and more!

1:04:39 Minutes of Instruction

What You Will Learn

  • Learn how to create a stylized dragon cake topper with posable wings
  • How to make isomalt dragon fire
  • Learn how to make hand-lettered castle flags and banners
  • How to cover a large double barrel cake
  • Liz Marek’s simple technique to make realistic stone texture

Tutorial Chapters

  1. Making the dragon armature 0:10
  2. Building up dragon 4:55
  3. Adding teeth to jaws 7:45
  4. Painting the dragon wings 9:07
  5. Prepping the cakes 14:53
  6. Stacking double barrel 17:01
  7. Making dragon fire 19:50
  8. Adding jaws to dragon head 21:05
  9. Roughing out the dragon head 23:07
  10. Roughing out the body 23:45
  11. Making dragon legs 24:27
  12. Adding texture to dragon 27:30
  13. Adding dragon horns 28:15
  14. Attaching wings to body 29:03
  15. Making dragon spines 31:22
  16. Covering cake board 32:50
  17. Coloring castle brick 34:27
  18. Paneling the double barrel 37:28
  19. Paneling the towers 41:57
  20. Making the front gate 46:35
  21. Adding turrets 47:54
  22. Finishing the front gate 51:03
  23. Making flags 55:00
  24. Airbrushing 59:09
  25. Finishing fire 1:00:24

Sculpted Dragon Castle Cake Tutorial

dragon cake topper detail shot
Fly you fools! I made this cake for my friend’s son’s birthday and he absolutely loved it.

Castle Gate Cake Detail
I loved how all the castle details turned out. This gate is a perfect example of how you can take several simple techniques and combine them together into something really unique.

Isomalt Dragon Fire Detail
The isomalt fire adds a level of detail that really makes the dragon pop off the cake without too much difficulty. I know many cakers are scared of working with isomalt, but this technique is a good entry point.

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