Space Dragon Cake

Skill Level: Intermediate
This dragon cake tutorial will teach you everything you need to know about building gravity defying structures, sugar eyes, rainbow crackled fondant and flexible gelatin wings.
What’s that up in the sky? A bird? A plane? no.. it’s a DRAGON! A super metallic, rainbow dragon cake! Join Liz as she teaches you how to create your very own space dragon cake that is out of this out of this world adorable!
Liz was inspired to create this tutorial after a student of her’s asked her about how to make a pikachu cake with him standing on one leg. This whole cake is REAL cake so the structure is very strong and can be adapted to many different types of cake structures.

Run Time


Techniques Used

  1. Building the dragon cake structure
  2. Rice Krispy Treats
  3. Flexique
  4. Isomalt
  5. Gumpaste
  6. Fondant
  7. Gold Leaf

Tutorial Chapters

  • 0:55 Prepping the RKT
  • 6:58 Making the Dragon Eyes
  • 11:20 Preparing the Dragon Cake Structure
  • 19:34 Stacking and Carving Cakes
  • 26:22 Shaping the Head, Legs, and Tail
  • 40:30 Building up the Face
  • 48:25 Making the Wings
  • 57:42 Prepping the Dragon Skin
  • 1:02:43 Applying the Dragon Skin
  • 1:12:06 Adding Details to the Face
  • 1:20:36 Adding Details to the Feet
  • 1:24:29 Attaching the Arms
  • 1:34:15 Attaching the Wings
  • 1:36:46 Painting the Cake

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