DIY Gingerbread House Tutorial

Skill level: Intermediate

Guest instructor Mitchie Curran returns for this fun holiday special! In this video, you will learn how to take a store-bought gingerbread house kit give it the ol’ fixer-upper treatment, taking a broken-down double-wide and converting it into a cozy upscale bungalow. Mitchie offers several tips and tricks that will level-up your gingerbread house into an amazing snowy masterpiece.

Mitchie also breaks down how to make ginger clay, a special material that works just like modeling chocolate, how to bake your own gingerbread house kits, and a fast trick for getting your gingerbread pieces to stick together.

There’s a lot to cover in this tutorial, so let’s get our tools together and let’s get started!

51:35 Minutes of Instruction

What You Will Learn

  • How to upgrade a store-bought gingerbread house kit or bake your own gingerbread house kit into a beautiful cozy gingerbread cottage
  • Learn how to make ginger clay
  • Mitchie’s trick on getting gingerbread to stick together without using royal icing (and waiting forever for it to dry)

Tutorial Chapters

  1. Overview of the equipment 0:35
  2. Assessing the gingerbread 5:05
  3. Cutting the gingerbread 8:01
  4. Trimming the pieces 11:22
  5. Making ginger clay 13:00
  6. Coloring the ginger clay 15:59
  7. Making a color wash 18:42
  8. Gluing the gingerbread together 19:55
  9. Making your own gingerbread 23:04
  10. Rolling out the gingerbread dough 27:54
  11. Cutting out gingerbread pieces 32:02
  12. Making the decorations 34:15
  13. Decorating the house 37:54