Cinderella Cookie Tutorial

Skill level: Intermediate

Guest instructor Lucie Radcliffe of Lucie Bakes teaches us how to make an incredible, edible Cinderella Cookie! In this tutorial, you will learn how to create and decorate this show-stopper cookie, how to add dimension to your cookie designs, and how to add extra details like Cinderella’s shimming glass slipper and ruffled ballroom dress.

1:17:25 Minutes of Instruction

What You Will Learn

  • How to create a beautiful detailed Cinderella Cookie
  • Learn how to map out and build up colors to create this iconic design
  • How to create shading and dimension on a cookie
  • Lucie’s tips and tricks to add bling and detail to make this cookie shine

Tutorial Chapters

  1. Tracing the outline 0:36
  2. Piping the outline 5:45
  3. Flooding the cookie 9:44
  4. Preparing to paint 18:59
  5. Painting facial details 20:58
  6. Painting the ears and hair 31:34
  7. Shading the face and neck 35:30
  8. Painting the upper body 39:30
  9. Painting the lower body 43:54
  10. Painting skirt ruffles 48:02
  11. Adding dimension 50:10
  12. Sleeve and bustle details 51:18
  13. Dress shadows 54:57
  14. Dress highlights 1:00:44
  15. Final shadows 1:05:40
  16. Shading the collarbone 1:06:46
  17. Adding sparkle 1:07:41
  18. Making the glass slipper 1:10:32
  19. Accessories and final details 1:11:43