Christmas Present Cake Tutorial

Skill level: Intermediate

Guest Instructor Shannon Patrick Mayes is back for another fun holiday cake project! Learn to create a holiday present cake, complete with a sculpted knitted teddy bear, a lifted box lid (a most-requested technique) edible tissue paper, a gift box ribbon on top, and a festive reindeer snowflake pattern on the gift box.

Shannon packs this tutorial with tons of tips and tricks, so let’s get our tools together, and let’s get started.

2:04:44 Minutes of Instruction

What You Will Learn

  • How to create a gift box/present cake
  • Learn how to make edible tissue paper and a patterned ribbon
  • How to make a sculpted teddy bear with a knitted pattern

Tutorial Chapters

  1. Prepping 0:49
  2. Sculpting the bear 4:36
  3. Covering in buttercream 11:50
  4. Covering in fondant 16:35
  5. Making the ears 29:05
  6. Making the nose and eyes 35:52
  7. Making the bear bow 38:06
  8. Making the deer stencil 44:21
  9. Airbrushing 53:02
  10. Making the lid 59:38
  11. Adding the cake 1:06:13
  12. Adding the teddy bear 1:11:43
  13. Assembling the box 1:16:52
  14. Making the arms 1:23:38
  15. Attaching the arms 1:27:51
  16. Finishing the eyes 1:29:12
  17. Painting the box 1:33:16
  18. Making tissue paper 1:41:19
  19. Making the box bow 1:51:30
  20. Adding the tissue paper 1:58:47
  21. Adding the box bow 2:00:41