Champagne Bottle Cake Tutorial

Skill level: Intermediate

Celebrate the New Year with a splash! Our latest sculpted cake tutorial is the perfect show-stopper for any celebration. Featuring a champagne bottle design with fun and intricate details, including a gravity-defying splash of pink champagne!

The perfect cake for any black tie celebration, let’s get our tools together and get started!

52:58 Minutes of Instruction

What You Will Learn

  • How to create a beautiful champagne bottle cake
  • Learn how to stack and sculpt a tall cake while giving it structure so it doesn’t fall
  • How to make a beautiful pink champagne splash
  • Tricks on how to create the details for the bottle neck

Tutorial Chapters

  1. Coloring ganache 0:11
  2. Making the cake structure 3:05
  3. Ganache crumbcoat 5:16
  4. Stacking the cake 8:24
  5. Bulking the bottle neck 19:41
  6. Making the champagne splash 23:43
  7. Making the letters 26:55
  8. Finishing top of bottle 29:51
  9. Adding shine to bottle 35:16
  10. Painting details 36:30
  11. Attaching letters to bottle 37:08
  12. Adding bottle ribbon 38:35
  13. Making bottle seal 40:15
  14. Attaching the label 41:24
  15. Forming the splash 42:49
  16. Attaching splash to bottle 52:07
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