Celeste Cake Tutorial

Skill level: Intermediate

In this tutorial, you will learn how to create a sculpted Owl cake based upon the beloved character Celeste from the popular Animal Crossing franchise. You will learn how to use reference to scale up a cake to any size, how to design the grass cake board, the belly pattern and the cartoony facial features.

While I was making this cake, it was extremely hot in my studio and I had to fix some problems due to heat, so BONUS: you will also see how to fix fondant cracks, what to do when elements break or heavy elements start to tear and pull on your cake.

3:00:14 Minutes of Instruction

What You Will Learn

  • How to create a stylized sculpted owl cake
  • Learn how to create cartoony facial features
  • How to create an Animal Crossing grass base
  • Learn how to create shinny star fragments

Animal Crossing Celeste Cake with green grass cake board and isomalt star fragments

Tutorial Chapters

  1. Measurements of the cake 0:44
  2. Making the structure 15:02
  3. Making the base layer 20:08
  4. Attaching the base 24:45
  5. Coloring fondant 29:32
  6. Covering the board in fondant 38:36
  7. Making the feet 54:45
  8. Making the toenails 1:05:29
  9. Supporting the wings 1:07:32
  10. Preparing the base layer 1:11:52
  11. Stacking the cake 1:13:56
  12. Carving the cake 1:19:08
  13. Sculpting the cake 1:21:18
  14. Frosting the cake 1:25:06
  15. Making isomalt stars 1:27:27
  16. Covering the cake in fondant 1:35:34
  17. Finishing the isomalt stars 1:44:24
  18. Preparing the checkerboard fondant 1:50:39
  19. Decorating the belly 1:56:48
  20. Making the face and eyes 2:07:31
  21. Making the eyebrows and beak 2:12:34
  22. Making the bow 2:29:33
  23. Making the wings 2:35:14
  24. Making the tail 2:44:56
  25. Attaching the bow 2:49:52
  26. Final details 2:57:53