Cat Cake and How to Ship a Cake Tutorial

Skill level: Intermediate

In this tutorial, you will learn how to create this charming cat cake sitting on a pillow I made for a lovely client that lived out of state. Shipping cakes is one of those things you always hear cake decorators talk about but no one ever really breaks down step-by-step how you would ship a cake, from the beginning of the design process, all the way through to taping up the box, so I thought I would show my process. It might sound daunting, but I promise, it’s a breeze!

Learn how to create a realistic cat cake complete with shiny isomalt eyes, fur texture, whiskers and a pretty kitty tail. This cake is sitting on a sculpted pillow cake that I break down how to create as well. There’s a lot to cover in this tutorial, so let’s get our tools together and let’s get started.

1:43:07 Minutes of Instruction

What You Will Learn

  • How to create a realistic sculpted cat sitting on a pillow from cake and rice cereal treats
  • Learn how to plan out and construct a project that can be shipped in boxes and survive the journey
  • How to create realistic cat ears, eyes, tail and whiskers
  • Learn how to ship a cake through the postal system and have it arrive safely

Tutorial Chapters

  1. Planning out the structure 0:31
  2. The cat structure 3:39
  3. The cake board 12:34
  4. Making the cat body 16:55
  5. Making the frosting 22:22
  6. Making the pillow structure 23:01
  7. Stacking and carving the cake 25:07
  8. Frosting the cake 30:02
  9. Carving the cake 31:44
  10. Covering the cat in fondant 39:50
  11. Adding the toes 44:14
  12. Making fur texture 47:03
  13. Making the eyes 50:12
  14. Sculpting the cat face 56:41
  15. Finishing the cat fur 1:00:18
  16. Making the cat ears 1:04:24
  17. Adding the eyes 1:11:15
  18. Adding final details 1:15:47
  19. Adding whiskers 1:18:26
  20. Covering the pillow in fondant 1:19:41
  21. Adding the tail 1:26:59
  22. Packing the pillow cake 1:31:48
  23. Packing the cat 1:38:45