Bulbasaur Cake Tutorial

Skill level: Intermediate

Hi there Sugar Geeks! Our latest online course features one of my favorite Pokemon, Bulbasaur! In this tutorial, you will learn all the in’s and out’s of how to make this amazing sculpted cake, including how to properly make a structure for a cake like this, how to do the tricky mouth shape, finishing the cake board, creating the eyes, nose and ears and the bulb-shaped cake on top.

There’s tons of templates and a full materials list included with the course, and over an hour and a half of video breaking down this cake step-by-step.

1:39:31 Minutes of Instruction

What You Will Learn

  • How to make a Bulbasaur Pokemon sculpted cake
  • Learn how to create a cartoony open mouth in cake
  • How to measure the check your work when making this cake
  • A simple technique to finish your board using fondant
  • How to fix fondant seams or cracks

Tutorial Chapters

  1. Making the structure 0:35
  2. Adding the feet 6:46
  3. Making rice cereal treats 10:02
  4. Rice cereal legs 13:21
  5. Carving the legs 18:37
  6. Stacking the cakes 24:26
  7. Carving the body 27:48
  8. Shaping the head 36:45
  9. Crumb coating the body 38:48
  10. Making the bulb 41:15
  11. Crumb coating the bulb 45:58
  12. Frosting the bulb 47:01
  13. Frosting the body 50:36
  14. Coloring the fondant 54:24
  15. Covering the bulb in fondant 59:35
  16. Covering the body in fondant 1:03:05
  17. Preparing the cake board 1:12:46
  18. Making the eyes and nose 1:16:01
  19. Painting the eyes 1:20:29
  20. Making the ears 1:22:48
  21. Making the tongue 1:25:42
  22. Adding the bulb 1:27:18
  23. Fixing the front leg 1:31:27
  24. Inserting a wooden dowel 1:33:18
  25. Painting the spots 1:34:43
  26. Adding toenails and teeth 1:37:31
  27. Airbrushing water 1:38:27