Breakfast in Bed Cake Tutorial

Skill level: Intermediate

Featuring many of the tricks and techniques used on Food Network’s new Ridiculous Cakes TV show, this breakfast in bed cake is the perfect cake to make for the breakfast-lover!

Featuring a pancake cake that tastes like actual pancakes, a gravity-defying syrup bottle, candy eggs and hashbrowns, even an edible OJ glass and oatmeal cookies, this cake has it ALL.

I was inspired by Chandice’s grazing table and wanted to come up with my very own way to creating a similar effect, but in cake.

This cake also features candy oatmeal cookies made by Joyce Marcellus of Toxic Sweet Shop. Check out the oatmeal cookie tutorial on her YouTube channel in the related videos section.

1:33:17 Minutes of Instruction

What You Will Learn

  • How to create pancake cake stack
  • Learn how to make an edible breakfast in bed serving tray
  • Liz Marek’s technique to make a candy OJ glass, even the glass is edible
  • How to create realistic edible candy hashbrowns with peppers and onions
  • Joyce Marcellus’ technique to make oatmeal cookies
  • Learn how to make a gravity-defying maple syrup bottle
  • How to make candy eggs

Tutorial Chapters

  1. Making edible plates 0:15
  2. Making the syrup bottle 4:31
  3. Making the bottle handle 9:34
  4. Making the syrup (gravity-defying) 12:16
  5. Stacking the pancake cake 19:20
  6. Adding the pancake details 20:40
  7. Coloring the pancakes 22:33
  8. Making the serving tray 25:32
  9. Making the wood grain 32:23
  10. Painting the tray 45:09
  11. Making the eggs 50:10
  12. Assembling the eggs 57:24
  13. Making edible OJ glass: method 1 1:00:57
  14. Making edible OJ glass: method 2 1:11:11
  15. Making the syrup (top pancake) 1:12:40
  16. Making the butter pat 1:15:21
  17. Assembling pancakes and syrup bottle 1:16:27
  18. Making candy peppers 1:18:23
  19. Making onions 1:20:38
  20. Making hash browns 1:21:30
  21. Coloring the hash browns 1:22:32
  22. Making candy pepper 1:27:00
  23. Making the bacon 1:27:44