Black Textures Wedding Cake

Skill level: Intermediate

Haven’t you heard? Black is the new black. Dark and moody wedding cakes are all the rage and sure to be a huge trend for 2018.

Even if your bride doesn’t want to go full-on black wedding cake, they might want to incorporate some into their design. This black wedding cake tutorial teaches you four stunning textures you can incorporate into your black wedding cake designs.

48:27 Minutes of Instruction

What You Will Learn

  • How to make a trending black wedding cake
  • Learn how to create lush textures on each tier
  • How to create a beautiful sprinkle mixture from various materials
  • Learn how to create a bas relief design that’s sure to stun wedding guests

Tutorial Chapters

  1. Making black buttercream 0:18
  2. Making fuchsia buttercream 2:06
  3. Icing the cakes 3:38
  4. Torching fondant 9:12
  5. Covering a cake in torched fondant 15:04
  6. Covering the cake board 19:22
  7. Frosting the cake 22:49
  8. Making buttercream swirls 24:20
  9. Applying swirls & dragees to the cake 27:28
  10. Making the sprinkle mix 30:30
  11. Applying sprinkles to the cake 32:43
  12. Covering the cake in fondant 36:37
  13. Applying molded fondant design 38:25
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