Beer Bottle Cake

beer bottle cake tutorial with edible sugar bottles, sugar ice cubes and a realistic edible wooden barrel along with a hamburger made out of cake

Skill level: Intermediate

Learn how to make a cake that looks like a rustic bucket of ice with realistic-looking beer bottles and custom labels. This cake is perfect for Father’s Day or any event involving summer time, outdoors BBQ, or the big game!

28:57 Minutes of Instruction

What You Will Learn

  • How to carve a cake to look like a tapered bucket
  • An easy method to create ice cubes out of isomalt
  • How to make the edible beer bottles
  • How to create a realistic wood texture out of fondant

Tutorial Chapters

  1. Prepping the cake 3:12
  2. Making the ice cubes 7:58
  3. Making the bottles 8:44
  4. Making the bucket slats 13:58
  5. Applying the slats 20:20
  6. Finishing the cake 25:20