Baby Yoda Star Wars Cake Tutorial

This is the absolute best baby Yoda tutorial! Complete with templates and full step-by-step instructions. Edible sugar eyes, modeling chocolate body, fondant clothes, and gummy soup!

Skill level: Intermediate

Learn how to make the baby Yoda Star Wars cake from instructor Elizabeth Marek. You will learn how to create a sculpted baby master from rice cereal treats or from similarly sized cake rounds.


Elizabeth shows how to make step-by-step edible eyeballs, how to sculpt the face and measure the proportions of the face. Techniques on realistic skin tones, adding shadow and depth are covered, as well as how to make the clothing and textures.

1:32:29 Minutes of Instruction

What You Will Learn

  • How to make a baby Yoda Star Wars sculpted cake (or keepsake version with rice cereal treats inside)
  • Learn how to make realistic large edible eyes
  • How to make a cake version or a ‘keepsake’ version
  • Learn how to make a simple cake structure and make it food-safe
  • How to scale reference photos

Tutorial Chapters

  1. Preparing the cakes 0:46
  2. Making the eyes 1:18
  3. Making the structure 4:42
  4. Stacking and carving the cake 7:05
  5. The arms structure 16:36
  6. Adding the head and eyes 19:52
  7. Adding the cheeks and mouth 29:00
  8. Smoothing 47:26
  9. Adding the ears 50:17
  10. Building up the back of the head 57:48
  11. Covering in fondant 1:00:51
  12. Making the arms 1:06:31
  13. Making the collar 1:09:50
  14. Making the cup 1:15:26
  15. Making hands 1:21:07
  16. Filling the cup 1:31:09

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