Air Jordan Shoe Cake Tutorial

Skill level: Intermediate

There’s no shoe more iconic than the Air Jordan and today, we’re gonna be making this legendary shoe out of cake. Learn how to create the shape, how to layer up the various pieces of the shoe, add the laces and create the polish.

You will also create a shoe box, complete with edible images and lettering.

1:08:28 Minutes of Instruction

What You Will Learn

  • How to create an Air Jordan shoe out of cake
  • Learn how to create the layers of the shoe, the sole and laces
  • How to adjust the shoe if it’s a slightly different size

Tutorial Chapters

  1. Stacking the box cake 0:38
  2. Making the shoe template 2:16
  3. Stacking the shoe cake 5:20
  4. Carving the shoe cake 7:22
  5. Making sharp square edges 11:49
  6. Preparing the fondant 18:22
  7. Covering the side of the shoe 27:08
  8. Adding top red details 30:19
  9. Adding toe details 36:39
  10. Adding heel details 40:01
  11. Adding the sole 41:14
  12. Adding the base band 42:35
  13. The bottom of the shoe 46:24
  14. Making the Nike swish 48:18
  15. Adding shoe logos 50:12
  16. Adding shoelaces 51:34
  17. Final shoe details 53:45
  18. Paneling the box cake 55:08
  19. Adding logos to the box 1:01:15
  20. Stacking the shoe and box 1:07:27