90s Cake Tutorial

Skill level: Intermediate

The spirit of the 90’s is alive! The early 90’s that is. I made this 90’s-style cake for my 20-year high school reunion. OMG I feel so old. The early 90’s was all about grunge rock, disc-mans, MTV, FRIENDS and more.

Learn how to make this fun 90’s themed cake with painted brick texture, hand-made disc-man with isomalt headphones and isomalt CD. All the images are also included if you want to use them for your design but I also show you how to crop and print your own edible images.

1:04:19 Minutes of Instruction

What You Will Learn

  • How to use time-saving techniques like edible images to make clean, quick designs
  • Learn how to create an edible CD and edible CD player
  • How to create several fun textures like sidewalk, bricks, and denim jeans

1990's Cake tutorial, with step-by-step instructions on how to make this grunge-inspired cake, only on sugargeekshow.com

Tutorial Chapters

  1. Paneling the 8” cake in fondant 0:45
  2. Creating the brick texture 6:18
  3. Painting the bricks 8:02
  4. Covering the 6” cake in fondant 11:53
  5. Using Photoshop 15:51
  6. Preparing edible images 24:53
  7. Preparing the headphones 29:35
  8. Baking the board 30:13
  9. Creating the CD topper 32:42
  10. Creating the headphones 34:58
  11. Creating CD player details 37:24
  12. Detailing the headphones 39:01
  13. Detailing the CD topper 43:34
  14. Finishing the stone texture 44:50
  15. Stacking the cakes 46:50
  16. Making the jean pocket 49:35
  17. Adding the jean pocket 56:03
  18. Making overall straps 56:50
  19. Making overall buckles 59:58
  20. Finishing the CD topper 1:01:19
  21. Finishing the border 1:01:56
  22. Attaching the edible images 1:02:45