Exclusive Discounts

In our never-ending quest to find the very best cake supplies and materials, we've hand-selected some products and tools that offer the best quality for cake decorators and we've negotiated some sweet discounts, exclusive to all Sugar Geek Show members.


Any artist needs a good set of tools to accomplish a masterpiece and cake decorators are no different. We use these tools at Sugar Geek Show on a daily basis and consider them the foundation for any aspiring cake decorator.

Decorating Supplies

Every now and then, you can't make your own fondant and that's okay, these supplies help you out in a pinch and we keep a good stock of all of these on hand for cake emergencies.


There's a wide variety of food-safe molds on Amazon, but we'd recommend making the molds yourself with 2 part silicon putty.


Here's a few cutters we recommend checking out for those special projects that require uniform shapes and designs.

Special Effects

Lights, camera, explosions! Just kidding, these special effects are a great way to get started with upping your cake game.


These materials are the cornerstone of any solid cake structure. Threaded rod, washers and nuts will help your cake standing all the way through the project.